2018-01-26 09:37:59 by a23spyro

It's obnoxious, soliciting/spamming, stop it! I'm not interested in your shit! 

getting sick of this

2018-01-24 13:34:12 by a23spyro

Ok, this pisses me off all the time. Do you ever get a notification on your Newgrounds saying “You’ve been mentioned in a post” only to find out that you were mentioned in name only and it turns out you were a random target for someone else to advertise their shit to you? Well, I’m fed up with that! If you’re going to do that, I’m blocking you. It won’t be a forever block, but it’s me simply saying “Stop it”. When I was younger a long time ago, I use to do the exact same thing and people gave me shit for it! They told me that wasn’t the right way to advertise my stuff. So if I was told off, I’m telling you people off. Stop it!

If I see a notification on Newgrounds saying “You’ve been mentioned in a post”, it better be about me and not somebody asking me to visit their youtube channel!

@TomFulp I would like you to reasure me if this kind of thing is allowed or not because it's really starting to anoy me. it's soliciting!

Thank you!